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    • Simple Energy Savings That Really Add Up - Summer brings new hot weather-related, energy-saving opportunities. We love saving customers money. We always recommend high efficiency and Energy Star heating and cooling systems—we want to help you Use Less Energy!

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    • COD pricing
    • Easy Reordering
    • Loyalty Rewards Program
    • State Certified Service Technicians
    • Year-round, Whole-house Comfort Services
    • State Of The Art Equipment Installation

    Get the benefits on heating oil More on the Advantage ADVANTAGE...

  • We Deliver Energy

    No matter how you heat your home, we will provide the best solutions at afforable prices for your family.

    Oil Heat
    The smart choice for home comfort—unmatched for safety, reliability and performance. Read More >

    Propane is a workhorse—cooking, heating, barbecuing, pool heating, water heaters, fireplaces, etc. Read More >

    Considering Natural Gas?
    Read: Converting from Oil to Gas
    and Advantage Options