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  • Choose Value First

    Competitive pricing,... you get that here. But we just do not believe SAVINGS stops at the price of a gallon of oil.

    SAVINGS comes from finely tuned equipment burning less fuel and it comes from highly efficient equipment that maximizes every gallon.

    SAVINGS also comes from partnering with a company that is there when you need them and honors loyalty through reward programs.


  • Get The Advantage!

    No Other COD Offers More

    • COD pricing
    • Easy Reordering
    • Loyalty Rewards Program
    • State Certified Service Technicians
    • Year-round, Whole-house Comfort Services
    • State Of The Art Equipment Installation

    Get the benefits on heating oil More on the Advantage ADVANTAGE...

  • We Deliver Energy

    Oil Heat
    The smart choice for home comfort—unmatched for safety, reliability and performance. Read More >

    Propane is a workhorse—cooking, heating, barbecuing, pool heating, water heaters, fireplaces, etc. Read More >

    Considering Natural Gas?
    Read this first: Converting from Oil to Gas
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