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We Now Offer BioDiesel!

Read all about the benefits of clean, green biodiesel from the National Biodiesel Board.

We offer biodiesel at our Rockaway, New Jersey location at 99 Cobb Street. The Rockaway Pump is open from 6am – 11pm.

  • You may fill out an account application and open an account, or pay at the point of purchase.
  • Commercial fleets are welcome, as well as local municipalities and individuals filling private vehicles.
  • Choose from three different blends of conventional diesel blended with domestically produced, renewable soybean oil – B2 (2% soybean oil/98% diesel), B5 (5% soybean oil/95% diesel) and B20 (20% soybean oil/80% diesel).

We are proud to be the first biodiesel retail fueling station in Morris County – helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint and reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

Biodiesel produces less pollution and improves the longevity of diesel engines because of improved lubrication, and it can be used in existing diesel engines without the need for modifications.

Join us in making Morris County a greener place to live – stop by our biodiesel facility today!

Please call us at (800) 582-1580 with any questions.

BioDiesel Services In New Jersey

Get money back for using biodiesel!
Thanks to New Jersey’s Biodiesel Fuel Rebate Program, government entities can receive rebates for the price-per-gallon difference between biodiesel and regular diesel to fuel their fleet of construction vehicles, police cars and school buses.