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Storage Tanks

Whether you own a split level in Sussex or a colonial in Morris, if you’re like most of your neighbors in Northern New Jersey, you’re continually maintaining your “home sweet home.”

Storage Tanks

But have you given thought recently to your fuel tank?

Chances are, especially if your fuel tank is buried underground, it’s “out of sight is out of mind.”

Sure, tanks last for many decades without problems. Plus, proper installation and maintenance can further increase a tank’s life span. But nothing lasts forever. Because the life expectancies of buried oil tanks vary – depending on materials used in their manufacture, how the tank was installed and the makeup of the surrounding soil – you might want to give thought to the benefits of inspecting and upgrading your fuel tank.


If you are an Oilheat customer with an underground tank, before you decide to replace, there are several tests that can be conducted to see if replacement is even necessary. In the past, homeowners have been misled by attempts to make storage tanks look unsafe or financially unwise. Consider the real facts on heating oil tanks before you decide!

  • FACT: Oil Storage Tanks Rarely Leak: According to a study by the Environ Corporation, the chance of a leak from an underground heating tank is less than one-quarter of one percent.
  • FACT: Heating Oil Tanks Are Not Considered A Threat to the Environment: There is no New Jersey State or federal regulation requiring removal of a properly functioning residential heating oil storage tank. It is also not necessary to regularly test it for leaks.
  • FACT: Many methods are available to check your tank’s condition. To avoid confusion and get a reliable assessment of which test or tests are most appropriate for your property, consult with an Oilheat expert. Please contact our office for complete details.
If you’re thinking about installing an aboveground tank …

We recommend Roth Safety Tanks. Using state-of-the-art computerized technology, Roth Safety Tanks are manufactured to the highest standards with double wall construction – offering you economical, safe, compact and problem-free storage of heating oil.

storage tank services
Roth tanks features:
  • Blow-molded seamless inner tank of high-density polyethylene, which is absolutely leak-proof and corrosion resistant
  • Protective outer tank made of galvanized steel, lock seamed and sealed with an oil- and fire-resistant seal
  • Modern Quality Control procedures ensuring that every inner and outer tank has been pressure tested for uniform wall thickness and tank integrity
  • Attractive and rust-resistant for long life
  • Highly visible leak alarm
  • Low weight – 55% of the weight of 12-gauge steel tanks
  • Compact design
  • 165-, 275- or 400-gallon models available

We are also proud to sell and install the “Super Tank” by Bristol Tank & Welding Co., Inc. Quality built of 12-gauge stainless steel, the “Super Tank” comes in 275- or 330-gallon sizes.

And if you think your aboveground tank is a bit unsightly …

Try a tank enclosure! Our attractive Tank Tub, by Oil Storage Solutions, is an attractive way to cover your outdoor aboveground tank. It comes in a variety of colors to blend with your siding or landscaping, yet it stands up to all kinds of inclement weather.

  • Size: 85L x 36W x 57H; weight : 175 lbs.
  • UL listed
  • Meets and exceeds Environmental Protection Agency requirements
  • Designed for both 275- and 330-gallon tanks
  • Extends life of oil tank and prevents oil line freeze-ups
  • Cover can still be lifted after installing internal or external fill and vent
  • 2-piece construction for easy installation
  • 4 colors available: white, grey, hunter green and two-tone beige
  • 12-year warranty

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